“The workshop was absoluteley invaluable because it wasn’t just about shooting a film. It was about thinking why you’re shooting the film and how to plan ahead. Video is going to be a massive help to us here at Eurovia UK and will allow us to get our message across to staff up and down the country.”
— Andy Robbins - Senior Media and Communications Officer | Eurovia UK

“We learned how to get the best reach on social media and how to make our video look consistent and professional. The Video Content Creators really gave us a hands-on approach to the training and provided plenty of ongoing support afterwards including video critiques.”
— Shelby Beeden - Marketing and Events Assistant | Gatwick Diamond Business

“So much fun learning about pre-production, production, and editing. The Video Content Creators delivered an informative and engaging session...can’t wait to put my new skills into practice!”
— Julie Cartwright | Eurovia UK

“Video creation and video strategy are two very different things. One of the things that really prevented us from creating videos in the past was not having the vision of what we wanted to do with that video. The Video Content Creators have really helped us change the way in which we look at the creation and production of video.”
— Jack Bedell-Pearce - Managing Director | 4D Data Centres

“Thanks for a great workshop yesterday and all round great day. I’m actually excited about doing the videos myself and getting into the editing. Can’t wait to get started properly. Definitely the best training day I’ve had!”
— Rebbeca Young | Eurovia Ringway