Social media is a hungry beast and must be fed with regular, fresh content for optimum performance. Outsourcing video on a per project basis can gobble up your marketing budget quicker than Jonty, our head-of-production, inhales a large Dominos pizza (and sides).

Plus this usually results in just a single piece of content. Our packages help businesses spread their investment over a year and publish multiple videos every month to fuel business growth.


4 video edits per month


The first step is to deliver a video workshop to teach your team the knowledge and practical skills needed to capture high-quality content. Every month, you send us the raw footage which we then package up into 4 unique videos ready for social media.

1 filming day + editing

6 videos per month


Once a month our camera-crew will capture up to 6 videos at your offices. We'll do all the fiddly bits; edit everything together, apply music, titles, effects, and branding, giving you multiple weeks worth of valuable content.

2 filming days + editing

12 videos per month


Perfect for large organisations who need lots of ongoing video. 12 unique videos per month which can be used however you wish. Ideal for internal and external communications.

*All plans are based on a 12 month subscription and are subject to VAT. Trial offers are available on request.

We practice what we preach.

Even as a video content agency, we use video to grow our own business and educate our audience. Publishing weekly tips n’ tricks about video positions us as experts and generates new in-bound leads.


Receive priority access

We guarantee you our time and availability. You’ll receive priority access to a predetermined number of days in pre-production, filming and editing each and every month.

Ongoing content. On-demand. On your terms.

Consistency of quality

Having us as your go-to video production partner means all your content will have the same "look and feel" across the board. We’ll be able to develop better content by already having a clear understanding of your brand and core values.



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